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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #196

STAR FORCE (1979) narrated by Sidney Paul.  If you’re a UFO docu-film fan, this is as rare as it gets.  Star Force (you won’t find this on IMDB or anywhere on the internet) comes off more like a weird LSD trip than a UFO documentary.  It takes you on an extraordinary excursion through a myriad of strange illustrations, incredible film clips, and eye-popping photos, spewing some of the most outrageous claims you’ll ever hear:  “Is the moon inhabited by a subterranean race of creatures who wait silently for their chance to invade the Earth?” or, even better: “Could there possibly be life on the sun, or at the center of the sun, where a UFO launching pad could be hidden, sending alien scouts to spy on Earth?”  Pretty cool, huh?  Sounds like something right out of a Richard S. Shaver story.  At any rate, the film is filled with these ever changing images, with a minute or two of narration dropped in here and there, followed by long visual sequences, often several minutes long.  Most of the film is set to a background of way-out electronic sounds and cheesy music.  If you live in a state where Marijuana is legal you’ll definitely want to light up before watching this—it was probably made by dudes who were heavy smokers themselves!  We have never seen a UFO documentary quite like this.  From the guys who made UFO Top Secret and Amazing World of Ghosts.  Great color, 16mm.    

THE HUMANOID (1979, WIDESCREEN) Richard Kiel, Barbara Bach, Arthur Kennedy, Massimo Serrato. The ruthless Graal (ala Darth Vader) plots Earth’s conquest.  He enlists a mad scientist who can change humans into mindless automatons. Their goal is to create an army for their evil plans. Roving space pilot Kiel is their first guinea pig.  Awful, yet way cool.  A cheezy electronic score adds to the schlockiness.  Color, 35mm.

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