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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels.  Day Keene starts off this mystery combo with a real thriller, “My Flesh is Sweet.”  Pulp writer Ad Connors was living on the cheap in Mexico City, trying to write a serious novel.   Once it was finished and mailed to his agent he was left with a fierce nostalgia for Broadway and a good corned-beef on rye.  But before he could head back to the States, a car accident dropped him right into the lap of one of his own stories and into the arms of a beautiful American schoolteacher, Eleane Hayes.  Eleane had come to Mexico on an unwavering search for her mother’s marriage certificate, which was in the possession of her father, a fugitive from a murder charge back in the States!  It was a search that would soon lead them on a trail of crime, intrigue, and bloody murder, leaving Ad and Eleane under the spotlight of a false murder charge.  They were soon racing across Mexico, fleeing from the Federales, who were more likely to shoot first and ask questions later. This double novel’s second tale is a lively murder mystery, “The Mortgage Loan Murders” by Francis M. Deegan.  I One night at Brakethorn Investment Company, the night superintendent was found dead—his broken body lying at the bottom of the freight elevator shaft.  His keys were missing and a very confiden¬tial and closely guarded appraisal was also missing.  That same night, fortified with a few needed cocktails, Cissy Dane and Birdie Moriarty, returned to work at the Brakethorn offices for an enthusiastic, thorough shakedown to find the missing appraisal.  However, during their sleuthing they found not just one, but two dead bodies!  And the mounting evidence pointed directly at their very charming boss, Jasper Clay!  Positive it was a setup, the girls felt it their responsibility to hide bodies and conceal evidence until the actual truth could be uncovered and the real killer revealed.  Unfortunately, when two dizzy dames are left to sort out the clues, it can really mess up a murder investigation!

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