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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels.  Mike Brett’s “Scream Street” is our first great tale of crime and mystery.  Late one evening at a traffic light, Sam Dakkers witnessed a woman on the receiving end of a vicious attack…  Rule #1:  A dame getting roughed-up was none of his business.  Rule #2:  When a good guy comes along to break it up, he usually gets the short end of the stick!   But Sam Dakkers was never one for playing by his own rules.  He’d proved that many times before.  So he slammed on his brakes and hoofed it to the rescue of Joan Astra, a good-looking nurse with a big-time gambling problem.  It was no surprise then that her attacker turned out to be Louie Pap, a strong-armed ape working for gambling kingpin Pete Lennix.  Lennix and Dakkers would soon become very well acquainted—an acquaintance that seemed sure to land Dakkers six feet under! This double novel’s second tale is another gritty murder mystery, “Murder Makes the Corpse” by Sean Gregory.  It wasn’t every day that Press Agent Mackenzie “Mack” Regan received phone calls from women in the middle of the night urging him to meet them somewhere; but when the woman turned out to be Kay Ransome—a gorgeous up and coming singer—Regan knew he couldn’t say no.  Unfortunately the aspiring songstress stood him up.  It was something Mack had experienced before with other women.  But this time was different, this time she had a solid excuse.  You see it’s hard to meet up with someone when you’re dead!  Mack Regan had, unfortunately, been the last person to talk to Kay Ransome before she was gunned down in her apartment, so when Lynne Ransome, Kay’s sister, came knocking on Mack’s door she wanted answers—answers he didn’t have.  Soon Mack was up to his elbows with jealous boyfriends, questionable mortuaries, grave robbing, kidnapping, blackmail, and of course…murder!

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