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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels.  Robert Moore Williams’ “Somebody Wants You Dead” is our first electric tale of murder and mayhem.  High in the Rocky Mountains, at a peaceful vacation resort, there was a murderer on the loose—a mad killer whose body count continued to rise!  Zack Gray had followed Ruth Shaw from Chicago to St. Louis and from St. Louis to Denver and from Denver to a snooty Rocky Mountain Lodge.  He was a private detective who got paid for following and finding people.  But he hadn’t been able to catch up with Ruth Shaw during the long month he’d been following her.  She had always stayed just a jump or two ahead of him.  Whenever he seemed to be zeroing in on her, she had just moved on like a mischievous fly avoiding a fly swatter.  But Ruth Shaw had stopped moving now and Zack Gray had found her—found her in the willows beside a trout stream, found her with her life’s blood bubbling out of her back… This double novel’s second tale is another great thriller, “The Black Key” by M. Scott Michel.  It was a dream that held the secret to a killer’s identity.  Psychiatrist Dr. Alexander Cornell’s simple and mundane life was turned upside down one hot, stormy night when beautiful, blonde Serena Chalmers appeared on his doorstep. She was angelic in appearance and seemed to know nothing of her past except that she had awakened thirty minutes earlier to discover a dead woman with a knife in her throat!  It was only natural that Cornell was suspicious of his beautiful young visitor, but in spite of this he decided to launch his own investigation.  Unfortunately, Cornell’s skills as a detective were haphazard at best, and before long he had put his life and career on the line in his pursuit on an unknown killer.  If only he could piece together the clues held in the dark recesses of Serena Chalmer’s subconscious… But the deeper he dug, the more mysteries he encountered—mysteries entangled with the image of an ugly man whose sinister pointing finger seemed to symbolize a black key—a key aimed squarely at the keyhole of death!

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