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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels.  Our first novel is “Find Eileen Hardin—Alive!” by all time great mystery-suspense author, Stephen Marlowe.  Eileen Hardin was barely eighteen, too young to be a call girl.  Her father couldn’t believe it, but the shocking reports he heard of her life in New York were hard to deny.  But call girl or angel, her stepmother wanted her home—so she sent for Duncan Pride, ex-All American halfback, family friend, and private eye by profession.  Dropped into the whole ugly mess—right up to his shoulder holster—Pride would have to crash the front lines of the underworld—the prostitutes, pushers, hoods and hired muscle—to find Eileen.  But with every new clue and promising lead, Pride was left with more questions than answers—questions only Eileen Hardin could answer.  But a deadly criminal syndicate was also on Eileen’s trail and they would rather she was found dead—that is if she was ever found at all!  This double novel’s second tale is another terrific murder mystery, “Murder on the Make” by Robert Martin.  It was a perfect “murder-for-money” setup.  Working all over the world, Rackwell Ramsey had never been one to get tied down to one woman—the girls were where he found them.  But when an extremely rich, beautiful oil heiress dropped into his lap, he knew he’d finally met his match.  Gorgeous Marcia Stockton was truly the woman of his dreams.  But Ramsey’s life was soon turned upside down when his whirlwind courtship ended in a cold, brutal murder.  One moment he was kissing Marcia Stockton, the next she had a large hole in her head.  Even worse, the next moment someone knocked him cold and planted the murder gun in his hand.  It was all so neat: the motive, the implications, the evidence—it all pointed directly at Rackwell Ramsey.  It was a million-dollar shakedown, and Ramsey was the perfect fall guy.

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