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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. This double novel features two thought-provoking sci-fi thrillers.  The first is Richard Ashby’s “Act of God”  They sought the eradication of death!  Science has conquered many frontiers over the centuries.  It has conquered the air and the sea and the atom itself; it has cured diseases and conquered space; it has steadily improved man’s existence and solved the secrets of nature.  But the most elusive secret of all is the secret of life itself.  What is life?  And even more so, what is the secret of eternal life?  Who could have imagined that in the 20th Century there lived a man whose aging process had been halted in 1874 at the age of 32.  His name was David Ganley.  The secret of his youth was a fantastic elixir that had been passed onto him by a mysterious Cheyenne Indian.  But to maintain his perpetual youth, Ganley needed periodic boosters of the elixir—and his supply was running out!  There were two tiny factions struggling to solve the problem of duplicating the elixir.  One group, headed by Ganley himself, hoped to use the elixir for the betterment of mankind; while the other group, “the Disciples,” was more interested in using it for world domination.  As the fate of an unsuspecting Earth hung in the balance, the two groups squared off in a duel to the death.  Allen Kim Lang is the author of our second novel, “The Chemically Pure Warriors.”  Tiny germs meant big problems!  As pioneers of interplanetary exploration, endless ranks of Axenite soldiers had secured hundreds of planets on the frontiers of space.  Faraway Kansa was one such planet.  And while the invading Axenites held no fear of this strange world or the humanoids that lived there, they did have a distinct uneasiness about possible harmful bacteria that might be found there.  You see the Axenites were the first “True Men” born of sterile birth, which made them completely free of bacteria—chemically pure humans!  It was because of this that the Axenites feared even the smallest breach in there specialized safety suits.  Even a pinprick might allow lethal microbes into their carefully sterilized environment.  So when one of their own was found dead and stripped of his suit in a Kansan village, this unfathomable insult forced the Axenites to confront the native Kansans and their partners in crime—germs!

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