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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. This double novel features two great sci-fi adventures.  The first is Emmett McDowell’s “Citadel of the Green Death.”  Life on Asgard was anything but normal.  Asgard, was the second planet in the Alpha Centauri-A system and it was full of lush jungles and grotesque species of plant life, including mobile carnivorous trees!  But these ghastly plant species did nothing to deter the Republic from establishing a colony in the wilds of this monstrous planet.  In spite of the myriad of murderous plants and the peering eyes of camouflaged natives, the Republic was able to firmly entrench itself on the planet.  However, as the cities of Asgard flourished, the need for labor increased.  So Asgard’s ruling powers resorted to using hardened criminals to fill its needs.  One such malefactor was convicted killer, Joel Hakkyt.  Hakkyt was given a choice between living the rest of his days as a science experiment or to live his life as a slave on Asgard.  Unfortunately for Joel, something more sinister was brewing, and as he headed toward Asgard and a life as a slave, he found himself thrown into the middle of an explosive upheaval that threatened to wipe out the entire colony.   The second novel is Dwight V. Swain’s “Drummers of Daugavo.” For two years military intelligence agent Ray Holcomb pursued Konrad Lubeck.  Secretly holed up in Chicago, Lubeck was one of the Third Reich’s top spies and always seemed to be one elusive step ahead of the law.  So when Holcomb spotted a disguised Lubeck casually walking the streets of Chicago, he couldn’t believe his luck.  Trailing the foreign agent back to his base of operations, Holcomb could smell the sweet victory of capture.  But his efforts were once again thwarted by the Nazi mastermind, who—now armed with a strange ray gun—fled from Chicago and seemed more uncatchable than ever.  In a series of twists and turns, Holcomb soon found himself on a cat and mouse chase through the wilds of South America.  But this time he wasn’t pitted against just a Nazi spy and his operatives, but a fantastic, ancient supernatural threat that, if allowed to fall into the wrong hands, could destroy the world.

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