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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is fantastic science-fantasy by veteran science fiction author Charles Eric Maine, “World Without Men.”  It was a world where women ruled with an iron fist!  Evolution and a new, super effective contraception in the early 20th century had sealed the fate of the human race.  As birthrates declined, soon the only children being born were female. In an unparalleled attempt to save the necessary checks and balances of humanity, the world’s governments took drastic measures—but it was all for naught!  Eventually…five thousand years into the future…men had joined the ranks of extinct species and only women walked the face of the Earth. Their world was ruled by a strict totalitarian regime, determined to keep stability and tranquility through repression, brainwashing, and even murder.  But when a man was found frozen in the wilds of the Arctic, the brainiest of the world’s female scientists began to work on a daring, seemingly impossible undertaking—the restoration the male species! Our second novel is “The Synthetic Men,” written by pulp specialist Ed Earl Repp.  He tried to play god!  There is no greater mystery to the world of science than the secret of life itself.  In that secret may well lay the ultimate clue to the nature of our universe.  We can only guess that at some remote age, something happened to a bit of lifeless material—through some strange set of circumstances that we have never been able to duplicate—that spawned organic life.  But what if a scientist, through trial and error, and after countless experiments spanning many decades, should finally hit upon the fantastic secret of synthetic life?  That’s what Dr. Clifford Pontius did, creating two synthetic “men” swirling in a strange, green chemical solution inside massive twin test tubes.  But would the good doctor’s creations be a boon to mankind, or a nightmare beyond belief?  Ed Earl Repp has his own answer in this chilling short novel about the benefits and perils of synthetically created men.

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