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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is by veteran science fiction author Paul Ernst, “Rulers of the Future.”  They spiraled through time and across the Universe.  Professor George Ticknor called it a “super-searchlight,” and it was one of the most amazing inventions every created by man, a giant cannon with the power to blow an entire spacecraft through time and space—all the way to the Alpha Centauri system.  Ticknor’s ship would travel at the speed of light, a trip of over four years.  But inside the spaceship, through a revolutionary bending of time itself, the occupants would only experience a few days of travel time.  It was an amazing prospect!  But when members of the “Humanitarian League” sought to stop this “foolhardy” trip into space, Ticknor and his companions were sent scurrying into their “space-shell.”  Using hasty, last-minute calculations, they blasted off into the black void of space.  But when they arrived at their destination they found not the star they had been seeking, but a star with a system of planets that looked uncomfortably familiar—different, yet familiar.  And they had traveled millions of years across time to get there!  The second novel is “Pursuit,” written by all-time sci-fi great, Lester del Rey.  He was relentlessly chased…but by what?  Hawkes had lost seven months of his life; he couldn’t remember a thing.  All he knew was that he was being pursued; and whoever was chasing him was monstrous, with powers far beyond anything known to Earth science.  And they were relentless!  The identity of his pursuers was a complete mystery to Hawkes, but wherever he went, they followed closely behind, leaving a path of death and unbelievable happenings in their wake.  It seemed hopeless, and Wilbur Hawkes knew that sooner or later they would close in for the kill.  But in the midst of his mad flight a girl suddenly appeared, a girl that Hawkes seemed to know, who seemed willing to help him.  But could he trust her—could he trust anybody?  Lester Del Rey’s “Pursuit” is filled with moments of nail-biting, non-stop action.  It’s astonishing premise makes it one of the best short science fiction novels of the 1950s.

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