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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “The Colossus Conclusion” by the highly underrated science fiction author, S. J. Byrne.  It was a desperate struggle for Earth.  They were the Agarthi, an ancient lost race of technologically advanced beings residing in a subterranean paradise under Nepal.  Their ruler was known as the “King of the World.” Under the King’s orders, the Agarthi finally moved onto the world political stage in an endeavor to bring about global Universalism and peace.  The roadblock to this goal, though, was a shadowy organization that called itself “The Nameless Ones.”  The Nameless Ones had been pulling the strings of world politics for years through crime, fear, and complete control of the media—all in an effort to bring the world to its knees.  In this, the final chapter of S. J. Byrne’s classic Colossus series…secret agents, gorgeous women, gallant adventures, soulless armies, elder gods, mutants, moon people and even Satan himself clash in the final decisive battle of good vs. evil in a cosmic war that would decide not only the fate of the world but the whole universe!  The second novel is “The Mental Assassins” by Hugo-Award-nominated author, Rob Phillips.  He was a dream world hit man!  Briant Hospital was at the peak of scientific advancement, their revolutionary research specializing in a process that created a platform for “shared dreams.”  This dream world was inhabited by people who had suffered horrific accidents and were left with nothing but a strong mind and battered body parts.  These people could no longer live in the real world, but this fantastic world of shared dreams allowed them to continue living a seemingly normal life.  But then one day something went horribly wrong.  And this world of dreams, which was home to twenty broken souls, seemed on the verge of total collapse.  Hired to come in and “fix” things, adventurer Arnold Taschereau’s mind was sent hurtling into the troubled dream world; but his nightmarish ordeals there soon sent him fleeing back to the “safety” of reality with a vow never to return.  However, when a series of odd coincidences started to plague his every waking moment, he knew there was something decidedly sinister lurking in the shadows. 

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