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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “The Scarlet Saint” by Manly Banister.  He led a revolt against an invincible enemy!  Far in a distant future, the entire universe is held under the influence of an invisible, mysterious alien entity known as the Trisz.  What the Trisz really is and where it came from are completely unknown.  But the Trisz has brought the Universe to its knees, invading the minds of renegade citizens, none of whom has the slightest knowledge of their hideous master and are completely oblivious to the fact that the Trisz is slowly draining the universe of all energy and life.  However, on the planet Rth a secret group of men known as the Institute of Manhood has slowly been building for the day when they will finally end the terrible reign of the Trisz.  From its ranks rises a man with gifts and skills far beyond those of normal men.  His name is Kor Danay and he is known to some as the Scarlet Saint.  In his hands lie the hopes and dreams of not just Rth, but the entire Universe.  But are his strengths and talents enough to overcome a seemingly unbeatable alien foe? The second novel is “The Man from Saturn” by veteran science fiction author, Harriet Frank.  She had never met a man like him before!  You might as well know it right off, it won't do any good for you to fall in love with Betsy Simms.  She’s crazy about a guy named Yrtxxe (alias Sam), whose skin is green and whose address is Saturn.  Betsy dug him out of a test tube one night and hasn't been quite the same since Sam wasn't easy for a girl to handle.  For one thing, his idea of flaming love was to take a walk in the park and think “at” you.  That might be hot stuff up among the Rings, but Betsy wanted real action!  And then a sleek slice of female named Leda came along and loaded Sam up with ticker-tape parades, keys to the city, and a Presidential reception—and Betsy had more action than she knew what to do with!

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