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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “The Battery of Hate,” by one of the founding fathers of modern science fiction, John W. Campbell.  It was an invention that would change the world.  Bruce Kennedy was a brilliant young scientist who wanted to change the power grid of the world—and he had a new invention that would do exactly that.  It was called the “fuel battery,” and it was the ideal source of power—electricity produced directly from graphite!  Electricity produced so cheaply that no company would be able to compete.  Electric automobiles would be ten times more powerful and a hundred times simpler than the best on the market; electric airplanes would be noiseless and unfailing, and able to reach heights and speeds un-thought of by commercial airlines.  It would provide home heating systems that would warm a house in ten minutes or less.  The applications of this new invention seemed limitless.  But Bruce Kennedy soon found out the hard way that not all men of finance are necessarily enthralled with powerful new inventions, and sometimes to move forward with such a discovery might indeed put one’s life in peril.  The second novel is “Treasure of the Golden God” by veteran sci-fi author, A. Hyatt Verrill.   Two rugged explorer pals, Thornton and Belmont, had planned the adventure of a lifetime—an expedition into the interior of South America, specifically looking for gold. It was a search that soon turned into a quest for the fabled golden city of El Dorado!  For weeks Belmont and Thornton traveled by boat up a river through unbroken jungle and dangerous rapids.  Soon they were on foot, tramping through unknown jungles and uncharted territories.  But, when a village Medicine Man warned them of evil spirits and that disaster might soon befall them, they realized their adventure might turn from a bold quest for treasure into a nightmarish adventure of survival, culminating in poison blow darts, headhunters, panicked flight,  starvation, and soon—murder.  That they would ever make it back to civilization alive, one could only hope.

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