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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is fantastic science-fantasy by all-time great author Edmond Hamilton, “The Lake of Life.”  A shining lake held the key to immortality!  Enthralled by the legends of a mystical lake that supposedly held the secrets of immortality, the eccentric and senile millionaire Asa Brand hoped by drinking its glimmering waters he could extend his quickly fading life.  In fear of his looming demise, he recruited the formidable adventurer Clark Stannard to lead a risky expedition into Africa to find the water that would insure his immortality.  However, Stannard did not believe the legend of the Lake of Life, but for half a million bucks he accepted Asa Brand’s all or nothing mission to lead a ragtag group of scoundrels: Ephraim Quell, a bitter seaman; Mike Shinn, a banned prizefighter; John Morrow, a disgraced army officer, Link Wilson, a wanted-for-murder ex-cowboy, and Blacky Cain, a gangster well-trained in the art of brutal survival.  Together this formidable group set out to claim their reward or ruin, stumbling upon legends deep rooted in a reality far weirder then any of them imagined. The second novel is sci-fi veteran Robert Moore Williams’ “Martian Adventure.”  There was no escape from Serenity!  Far away from the cities of Mars loomed the massive, guarded walls surrounding the land known as “serenity,” a place that no Martian dared speak of. This former sanctuary was created to contain the worst of Martian society. The murderers, thieves, and criminals that were dropped within its walls could only dream of escape as they lived out their own personal nightmares in this forlorn Martian wilderness where only the strong survived.   Bruce Harden knew the horrors of serenity. Having once escaped the barrier of its formidable walls he had fled as a stowaway on a Venus-bound ship, leaving behind haunted memories of the red sands of Mars.  But the memories of that unspeakable place would never fade, and the image of a blonde, freckled girl still trapped there tortured his every waking moment.  But soon Bruce Harden found himself in a position to rescue this girl of his dreams, a position totally unexpected and fraught with peril as he once again found himself trapped within the walls of serenity!


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