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Mystery-Suspense-Film Noir


(1959) Horst Buckholz, Mario Adorf, Helmut Schmid, Alf Marholm, Werner Buttler.  Ship of the Dead is a gem of a movie, a tremendous story of love, crime, hardship, hopelessness, and betrayal.   Buckholz gives the performance of his life as a human castoff, in international limbo, because of the loss of his passport.  He is conned into taking a job on a tramp steamer filled with misfits, smugglers, and murderers.  Soon after realizing his plight, he and his pal discover the ship’s cargo isn’t exactly what it’s purported to be.  The captain and his two mates are masterminds not just of a smuggling scheme, but a daring plot to scuttle their own ship for the insurance money and make sure they are the only survivors.  There are brutal moments of crime, action, and cruelty that will make you cringe.  This is a totally engrossing film from start to finish with flawless performances by the entire cast.  Watch for the incredible scene involving a furnace compartment of hot coal that comes bursting into the main engine room walkway.  Wow…!  An amazing tale about how one’s life can spin out of control just by losing his passport.  A must!  English subtitles.  From 16mm. 

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