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Sword and Sandal BACCHANTES, THE (Widescreen)

(1961, WIDESCREEN) Taina Elg, Pierre Brice, Alberto Lupo, Akim Tamiroff, Alessandra Panaro.  A Peplum classic, filled with many moments of magic and mysticism.  Thebes is suffering from a horrible drought.  To ward off this dry spell, the evil king is willing to sacrifice a young virgin to the god, Demeter. But the god Dionysus has different ideas, bringing to Thebes an onslaught of rain and sparing the girl’s life seconds before she is to be sacrificed.  Watch as the executioner is struck by lightning just as he raises his sword over the virgin.  From this point on it becomes a war of wits between the King and Dionysus.  The climax takes place in a huge, mystical cave, where the women of Thebes have become empowered with magic against the King’s hoplites who have come to slay them.  There are numerous sequences of beautiful Theban women engaged in quasi-erotic dance sequences.  One of the better sword and sandal films we’ve released in some time.  The English version is full Widescreen, the foreign language version is adapted Cinemascope with English Subtitles.  Excellent color, from 35mm. 

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