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Armchair Fiction LOCAL TALENT

Armchair Fiction presents a new line of “Scandalous Classics,” featuring the works of Florence Stonebraker (1896-1977).  LOCAL TALENT is another surprisingly well-written Stonebraker tale, who was known as the queen of 1950s “naughty novels.”  There’s nothing sexually hardcore in this steamy story, but there are plenty of moments of unbridled lust, passionate men and women, contemptible behavior, carnal excess, murder, mayhem, and brazen debauchery!  “Local Talent” is the story of Carrie Stevens, who loved being bad, and was truly rotten to the core.  Able to spark the passions of men at a glance with her curves, yellow hair, and the mischievous glint in her eyes, she lured them into a web of disaster where she drained them of their money, dreams, and hope of ever escaping her.  Being the “best little thing” that a small West Virginia town had to offer, Carrie had her pick of the local talent.  First on her list of sordid affairs was her own sister’s husband, Joe; whom—at the pinnacle of her wickedness—she managed to capture in a spider-like trap.  Then there was the handsome young farm hand, Roy, whom she used to exact petty revenge.  Next was the old wealthy landowner John, whom she tortured by withholding her affection, driving him half-mad.  Last in line for her love was an eccentric artist, whose arrival in town and lofty assurances promised Carrie an escape from her gossipy little town and a new life in the big city.  But unfortunately for Carrie, she was setting herself up to get burned by fueling the obsession of far more men than her sexually permissive talents could handle!  “Local Talent” is another great tale by Florence Stonebraker, who will never be remembered alongside literary giants like Ernest Hemingway, but there’s no question her novels are worth dusting off for a second look. 

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