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Armchair Fiction FLESH IS WEAK

Armchair Fiction presents a new line of “Scandalous Classics,” featuring the works of Florence Stonebraker.  FLESH IS WEAK is another well-crafted tale of steamy lust, seedy men and women, despicable conduct, overt sexual permissiveness, and unabashed vice!  Nothing XXX-rated here, but there are plenty of moments of unbridled sin about sexually provocative women and loutishly mis-guided men.  You see, Florence Stonebraker (1896-1977) was the true queen of the “Naughty Novels” of the 1950s and 1960s.  Without ever really leaving societal confines of moral decency (though she often pushed the outside of the envelope), she was able to spin webs of scandalous, risqué behavior in novel after novel.  “Flesh is Weak” is another salacious Stonebraker gem.  It’s the fourth of five Armchair Fiction releases of her works.  Florence Stonebraker will never garner the same stature as literary giants like Virginia Woolf, but there’s no question her novels are worth dusting off for a second look.  “Flesh is Weak” is the story of a lustful teenage girl who was blinded by her passion for seedy men.  At just eighteen years of age, the chips were already down for the beautiful and wanton Sue Howell. Her home was shut down by the cops because of her father’s shady business. Then Sue’s long-suffering mother tried to set her up with a repulsive, lowly soda jerk named Herbie Nickols, believing that Herbie was the best thing Sue could ever hope for. But Sue Howell had other ideas, for the only shining light in her young life was her love affair with Kevin Kramer, the handsome pianist who lived upstairs.  It only took a few stolen moments of passion with this wayward musician to keep Sue’s childish dream of love alive, a dream she would cling to and do anything to preserve—even sell herself!   But Sue’s rose-colored reality turned into a nightmare when a new dame walked into Kevin’s life; a new dame with the ways and means to give Kevin the one thing Sue never could…money, and plenty of it.  And soon Sue Howell became lost in a twisted myriad of passions and lust that led her down a foreboding road to desperation—and murder.

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