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Armchair Fiction RENO TRAMP

Armchair Fiction presents a new line of “Scandalous Classics,” featuring the works of Florence Stonebraker.  RENO TRAMP is another expertly woven tale of overt lust, hardboiled action, dastardly deeds, blatant sexual promiscuity, and outright sin!  However, if you’re looking for XXX-rated literature, you have the wrong book.  Other than “damn” or “hell” there isn’t even a single four-letter word in its pages.  But if you’re looking for a surprisingly well-written story chock full of prurient, erotically charged moments about dazzling, wanton women and brutishly mis-guided men, then you need go no further.  You see, Florence Stonebraker (1896-1977) was the true queen of the “Naughty Novels” of the 1950s and 1960s.  Without crossing society’s rigid moral boundaries, she was able to spin webs of scandalous, risqué behavior in novel after novel.  “Reno Tramp” is another tawdry Stonebraker gem.  It is the second of five Armchair Fiction releases of her works.  No one will ever confuse Florence Stonebraker with literary bigwigs like Stephen King, but there’s no question her novels are worth dusting off for a second look.  “Reno Tramp” is the story of a wanton redheaded tart that men would die for…literally.  Brenda Blair was the hottest little number to hit Reno in a long while—and she knew it. This beautiful floozy was out for diamonds—and she knew the one way to get them was by giving herself up for business and pleasure.  In other words, she was going in for sin… Little did she know, though, that her captivating charm over men would have deadly consequences.  After a lovers’ spat turned deadly, Brenda had no choice but to run into the arms of a devious and revolting casino owner named Carter Kemp.  Kemp had big plans for Brenda. So in exchange for her life, Brenda faced the choice of having to sign a deal with the devil.  As Brenda floundered into a life of depravity, into her life walked a wonderful kid named Johnny and a billionaire playboy named Tony.  But Brenda was bad for men and while she was around no man was safe!

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