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Armchair Fiction SHE TRIED TO BE GOOD

Armchair Fiction presents a new line of “Scandalous Classics,” featuring the works of Florence Stonebraker.  SHE TREID TO BE GOOD is an unforgettable tale of unmitigated greed, wanton lust, brutal action, and downright sin!  If you’re looking for pornographic literature, you’ve got the wrong book.  There isn’t even a single four-letter word in its pages.  However, if you’re looking for a well-written tale (surprisingly well-written) filled with salacious, sexually charged moments about gorgeous, wayward girls and big, brawny mis-guided men, you’ve come to the right place.  If you’re looking for tales that are laced with steamy situations, twisted romance, seedy characters, and brutal moments of action and fear, this is the book for you.  You see, Florence Stonebraker (1896-1977) was the true queen of the “Naughty Novels” of the 1950s and 1960s.  Without crossing society’s nebulous borders of moral acceptability, she was able to spin webs of scandalous, risqué behavior in novel after novel.  “She Tried to be Good” is one of Stonebraker’s finest yarns.  In spite of its lurid trappings, it is a remarkably engaging story that you’ll find hard to put down.  It is the first of five Armchair Fiction releases of her works.  No one will ever confuse Florence Stonebraker with literary giants like Ernest Hemingway, but there’s no question her novels are worth dusting off for a second look.  “She Tried to be Good” is the story of Carrie—Daughter of Sin.  When a seductive little redhead from the wrong side of the tracks goes all out to tame a handsome, free-loving carnival performer, trouble is bound to come—and it did the very day that curvaceous Carrie Collier teamed up with Mike Brady.  Brady wasn’t the first man in Carrie’s young and thrill-packed life—but he was the first who mattered. His kisses made the luscious redhead his slave, and before Carrie knew what had happened she was completely under his spell.  However, it seemed that fame was all that mattered to Mike Brady, but Mike was all that mattered to Carrie.  No hurt was so great, no humiliation so appalling that Mike’s kisses could not erase.  Nothing was too good for him—until the day that Mike found himself in the passionate clutches of a blonde, ex-actress and Carrie found happiness in the open arms of Mike’s brother!

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