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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #185

THE MURDER CLINIC (1966, WIDESCREEN) Williams Berger, Barbara Wilson, Mary Young, Françoise Prévost, Harriet White. Dr. Vance owns a clinic for the mentally ill located in a gloomy forest. He’s surrounded by many pretty girls, all of whom he lusts for.  Unfortunately, there’s also a hooded killer on the grounds, slashing people to death with a straight razor. There’s also a grotesque, club-footed lady living on the upper floor, whom the doctor is trying to cure of a hideously ugly face. This film is great fun and keeps you guessing who the mad killer is.  Great color, from 35mm.

THE DEVIL’S MISTRESS (1966) Joan Stapleton, Robert Gregory, Wes Morland, Douglas Warren, Oren Williams.  An Old West horror film about a female vampire who has a passion for unsuspecting cowboys.  Named “Liah,” she is beautiful and bewitching and soon takes revenge on the four cowboy thugs who murdered her husband in cold blood.  By using her mysterious charm, she spins a web of horrific revenge.  Color, 16mm.  


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