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Armchair Fiction presents Mammoth Mystery Double Classics—featuring illustrated editions of two all-time mystery-crime standards, with 440 pages or more of whodunit thrills. “The Green Rust” by all time great mystery writer Edgar Wallace is our first classic tale. Caught in the crosshairs of a mad scientist! After the end of the First World War, Dr. van Heerden was furious. The outcome of the four-year struggle for his German homeland was far less than favorable and the consequences of it drove him to near-madness. He soon formulated a diabolical plot: destroy Great Britain’s wheat crops with a fantastic chemical weapon called the “green rust.” And to implement this mad scheme, van Heerden was willing to do anything…even if it meant murder! It soon became a race against the clock as the mysterious gentleman known only as “Mr. Beale” and the lovely Miss Oliva Cresswell worked to thwart van Heerden’s sinister conspiracy. In “The Green Rust” Edgar Wallace gives his fans everything they come to expect: A fearless hero, a captivating damsel in distress, and a mad scientist out to destroy the British Government…all the makings of a thrill and suspense packed read! This double novel’s second tale is another great Edgar Wallace thriller, “The Clue of the Twisted Candle.” Murder in a locked Room! Frightened for his life, tycoon Remington Kara has shut himself away in a concrete and steel fortified safe room with only one door that can be opened. Unfortunately for poor Kara, his fears are soon realized when his dead body is found, murdered, within the confines of his seemingly impenetrable personal fortress—with the door still locked from inside! Searching for the killer, the long arm of the law soon fingers mystery writer John Lexman, who is wrongly convicted of the crime. With an innocent life hanging in the balance, the only man who can solve the case is Lexman’s best friend, T. X. Meredith, the renowned Superintendent of Scotland Yard. Meredith must not only prove his friend’s innocence, but also determine how a man was murdered in a fortified room only the victim could have opened. Hidden clues and red herrings will bring this Edgar Wallace mystery to a head as the main question asked isn’t who done it…but how did they do it?

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