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(1968) Hideaki Nitani, Naoko Kubo, Hiroshi Minami, Hideyo Amamoto.  Supposedly the worst movie of all time.  Indeed, at a whopping 1.6, Mighty Jack has the lowest IMDB rating we’ve ever seen. Yet in spite of the bad film hoopla, this movie is filled with mindless fun.  It’s got tons of late ‘60s Toho-style special effects with many minatures of flying submarines, rockets, ray guns, etc. The plot has Mighty Jack (a counter-espionage team) fighting to save Earth from “Q,” an organization hellbent on world domination. Q is led by a Blofeld-type criminal who even has a white cat on his lap.  Q has a superweapon called the syncroton, which can freeze anything.  Look for the scene where a scientist is frozen inside his laboratory (reminiscent of the movie GOG).   Mighty Jack fights Q with their giant flying submarine, which is armed to the teeth with a plethora of futuristic weapons.  The plot is a bit incoherent at times, but it really doesn’t matter.  A must for Toho fans.  Great color, from 16mm.  

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