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(1959) Rushdi Abazah, Ismail Yassin, Souad Tharwat, Edmond Tuima. What you’ve got here is all you’d expect in a B&W ‘50s sci-fi film, similar to Missile to the Moon.  You’ve got a scientist who’s built a moon rocket.  He shoots off toward the moon with two stowaways.  They land on the moon and find a strange race of beautiful women.  After many horrifying and dangerous situations, they launch back to Earth where they receive a hero’s welcome.  The problem here, is having to put up with the “comedy” of Ismail Yassin.  Search your nightmares and you’ll remember him from Ismail and Abdel Meet Frankenstein.  And he’s almost as bad in this film!  He even does his Lou Costello being scared imitation.  If you can put up with him, though, this movie, for a low budget Egyptian film, isn’t too bad.  The script is ludicrous of course, but the special effects aren’t too bad.  The rocket and its interior are actually impressive and there’s a big robot named Otto that’s kind of fun.  And while this is a sci-fi “comedy,” there’s a wonderful scene where our moon visitors stumble into a cave full of atomic war survivors whose faces and bodies have been ravaged with radiation burns.  Cool.  English subs.  35mm.  

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