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THE DEMON RIDER (1925, Davis Prod.) Ken Maynard, Tom London, Fred Burns, Alma Rayford.  Ken’s a ranch boss who catches the mysterious “Black Hawk” and his gang.  Ken leaves them tied up and goes to return the gold they stole.  NOTE:  Our video master was taken from the only existing material of this rare film and is missing reel one, now considered lost.  Music score, 16mm. 

HELL-FIRE AUSTIN (1932, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, Nat Pendleton.  Ken is a drifter who gets in trouble with the law.  He ends up at a large ranching outfit and finds himself entered into a big horserace.  However, with the law hot on his trail, Ken has to hide right up 'til race time.  16mm. 

SIX SHOOTIN’ SHERIFF (1938, Grand National) Having just been released from the slammer, Ken rides out seeking revenge on the man who framed him.  He then has a run-in with an outlaw gang; even worse, though, his old friend has become involved with a plan to rob the express office!  What's a poor cowboy to do?

FLAMING LEAD (1940, Colony) Ken Maynard, Eleanor Stewart, Dave O'Brien, Walter Long.  Ken, looking a little on the heavy side, plays a cowboy performer who saves O'Brien from being robbed.  Dave hires him to come out west and help run his ranch, which is plagued by rustlers.  From 16mm. 

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