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Armchair Fiction KING OF THE DEAD, THE

Armchair fiction presents extra-large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.  Frank Aubrey's "The King of the Dead" is the twentieth installment of our "Lost World-Lost Race Classics" series.  A lost city where the dead come alive!  When first introduced to Don Lorenzo, railway engineer Arnold Neville was quite taken with the mysterious but wealthy gentleman.  And though he was initially flattered by Lorenzo’s congeniality, Young Neville soon learned that his fiancé, beautiful Beryl Atherton, suspected Lorenzo’s wealth and charm were only a façade, hiding the ambitions of a cruel and dangerous man.  Her worst fears were confirmed when Beryl and her stately aunt found themselves abducted!  And before long, Neville and fellow engineer Arnold Leslie were led on cat and mouse chase through the harsh, uncharted jungles of Brazil, in a desperate search for the missing women.  But what they found there was a hidden scientific super city called Myrvonia.  In this lost citadel lived a forgotten race whose people practiced weird sciences and dabbled in a strange form of magic, a magic so powerful it could literally animate the dead!

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