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Sci Fi DEVILMAN STORY—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

(1967) Guy Madison, Luisa Baratto, Diana Lorys, Bill Vanders, Luciano Pigozzi.  Madison is a journalist who gets involved in the search for a leading brain surgeon, who has mysteriously disappeared.  After numerous run-ins with scurrilous characters, the search takes him and the surgeon’s daughter to the African desert where they discover a secret lab run by the silver-masked villain, Devilman.  Devilman’s plans are simple: using a new brain-transplanting procedure that will make him all-powerful, he intends to rule the world.  His lab is filled with fantastic equipment and he is aided by crazy scientist  Luciano Pigozzi.  Adding to the horror is that fact that the missing surgeon is now under zombie-like control and has been instructed to try the new procedure on his own daughter, who, along with Madison, have been captured.  This movie is filled with pop-gun sci-fi and James Bondish situations, yet it’s all kind of fun.  Color, widescreen, from 35mm. 

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