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SHIKARI (1963) Ajit, Ragini, K.N. Singh, Helen, Madan Puri.  This is the Indian version of King Kong. It’s our big “bad” movie release this year—and it’s a classic! Okay, there might be a moment or two that aren’t too bad and some of the music is “kind of” okay.   But overall, this film is just bloody awful.  So bad, in fact, that it’s a delight.  The plot involves the efforts to capture King Kong by a circus company. The Circus owners and their scientist adviser take off in a big ship to Kong’s island, where they also encounter another hilarious monster.  The final scene when Kong storms the native village (he never makes it to New York) is mesmerizingly bad, with horrible special effects and laughable acting.  This movie is supposed to have a LOT of comedy but it’s just sooo painful to watch; and it just…goes…on…forever! The big ice skating scene is the most ambitious number in the film and it isn’t too bad, though a far cry from Busby Berkeley. Our highest bad movie recommendation.  English subs. Nice color, 16mm.

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