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Armchair Fiction SPACE-ROCKET MURDERS & D-99

Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel “Space-Rocket Murders” is white-knuckle ride by science fiction master, Edmond Hamilton.  Famous scientists were dropping like flies.  It was a horrifying situation for the world of science.  One by one, the leading researchers in the field of interstellar space flight were being found dead—murdered!  But these murders weren’t your usual street-style killings with a knife in the back or a bullet in the brain, no…these noted scientists were all being systematically burned alive—and their homes along with them to make it look more or less “accidental.”  But when Professor Arthur Melford’s uncle became the latest victim, he and a fellow colleague decided to take matters into their own hands.  However, their investigations soon led them not to competing scientists, foreign governments, or even mob bosses, but to a nemesis so totally alien, so fantastic, that it put the world on the brink of an interplanetary crisis.   Join acclaimed science fiction novelist Edmond Hamilton on a journey into the spirited revelations of a murder investigation and the discovery of an unknown civilization, whose fear of mankind knew no bounds.  The second novel is by H. B. Fyfe, “D-99.”  Rockets slammed past, just missing the tall, gaunt man who dodged down the stairs of the Earth Embassy.  A figure loomed in a doorway and he snapped off a quick blaster shot at it—missed.  He'd killed one man, wounded others—and was carrying papers stolen from the secret Embassy files.  They had to stop him—but they couldn't!  And, worlds away, the men of Department 99 watched on their galaxy-spanning view-screen…all the while knowing they were responsible for this disaster—and powerless to do anything about it!

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