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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. “Frenzy” is our first grisly tale of murder and mayhem, by James O. Causey.  Shannon.  She was a slut with a body like flame—hell’s own angel.  For her I had traded my last hope of heaven—an honest buck.  She was everything a man wanted—and shouldn’t have.  Maybe that’s why I wanted her.  But Shannon was Murdoch’s girl and Murdoch owned the town.  I’d have to get the town away from Murdoch first.  Because that’s the kind Shannon was—strictly a top-man operator.  The odds were against me.  But I was halfway to the top now.  And there was no turning back.  Shannon was waiting for me up there.  So was Murdoch.  FRENZY—a fast-paced, brutal suspense thriller in the best hardboiled tradition of money, murder, tough men, and sleazy women. This double novel’s second tale is a great tale of murder and crime, “In this Corner—Death” by Emile C. Tepperman.  It was a good deed turned into a nightmare.  What would you do if you were driving along a New York City street and suddenly the car ahead of you slowed down and a machine gun pointed out the passenger window at someone strolling down the sidewalk?  Well, that’s exactly what happened to attorney Tom Atherton, who did what he thought was the right thing and slammed the side of his vehicle into the car ahead, just in time to divert the killer’s shots and save the man’s life.  Unfortunately, for Atherton, both the would-be killers and the man he saved came looking for him—and so did the cops!  And before long Tom Atherton found himself caught up in a twisted web of criminal intrigue in which not only was he wanted for murders he hadn’t committed, but the pawn of Pro-Nazi gangsters whose plans included the use of Atherton’s skills as an attorney for nefarious purposes, all coerced by the threat of death against Atherton’s beautiful fiancée.  Needless to say, for Tom Atherton it was shaping up to be a hell of a day…

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