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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “Beyond the Walls of Space” by S. M. Tenneshaw.  She threatened to put Earth in its grave.  No one on Rex Blaine’s space crew could have expected anything so fantastic:  a long missing space captain, John Masters, suddenly appearing out of thin air inside Blaine’s spacecraft—right in the middle of an outbound mission to Saturn!  Masters, having been considered long dead in a failed moon-shot a couple of years earlier, looked like death warmed over, and he carried with him a dire message:  Earth was in peril, threatened by a veiled planet that was much closer than anyone dreamed of.  But before he could take any kind of action, Rex Blaine found his ship, his crew, and, most of all, himself in the clutches of a deranged space queen whose desires and ambitions were a twisted cauldron of lust, sadism, and madness.  And with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance, it was up to Blaine to formulate a desperate plan to stop her—a plan that was surely akin to a suicide mission.  The second novel is “The Secret of the Ninth Planet” by heralded science fiction author and editor, Donald A. Wollheim.  On the day that the theft of the solar system's light began, Burl Denning was with an archaeological dig in the Andes, only a few miles from the source of the "disturbance."  Within hours the U. S. Air Force ordered the expedition to investigate the strange phenomenon that was causing a dimness and a drop in temperature all over the world.  This was the beginning of a startling adventure that soon took Burl on the first circumnavigation of the solar system.  On planet after planet, he and the crew of the Magellan, a gleaming, powerful, and virtually untested spaceship, discovered the weird trappings of a brilliantly designed Sun-tap station.  Each planet fall brought unexpected hazards, as the ship drew closer and closer to solving the fantastic mystery that shielded the greatest threat mankind had ever faced.

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