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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels.  The first thriller is John N. Makris’ great tale of crime and murder, “Nightshade.”  This is a tale of a seductress, here lovers, and her loyal pawn.  As teenagers, Sheila Dalton and Ken Martin were inseparable.  As adult lovers, they became major players in their deadly game of money, love, and power.  “Forever and ever,” Sheila would tell him for the years that followed. However, this bold seductress loved to play the part of a master schemer, using Ken and others as unwitting pawns in an attempt to finally live happily ever after—until the shadow of murder put a cold and bloody stain on her storybook ending.  “Nightshade” is a gripping hard-boiled classic mystery novel that follows the lives of multiple lovers playing both sides of the law, both north and south of the border.  Greed, lust, and murder are three of the deadliest sins of NIGHTSHADE… This double novel’s second tale is another great tale of mystery & murder, “Once is Enough” by David Wright O’Brien.  There was a gun in his hand and a corpse on the floor.  The last thing he remembered was having a drink at the friendly neighborhood bar just down the street from his law offices.  But when attorney Richard Thane woke up hours later, he was in a strange room with a bloody gash on his head—blood was oozing down the side of his temple.  Even worse, when he was finally able to fight off dizziness and stand up, he found himself staring straight down at the body of a man on the floor—and it had every appearance of being dead.  After turning the body over, Thane found that several bullets had blown off a considerable portion of the man’s face.  Yep…it was a bloody corpse all right.  And to make matters worse, Thane held a gun in his hand—undoubtedly the murder weapon.  And though his brain was still reeling from the pain of his wound and the dizziness that had followed, it was very obvious to Richard Thane that he was being set up for a big, fat, juicy case of homicide.  But by who…and why?

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