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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is an exciting novel of the future by Dwight V. Swain, “The Transposed Man.”  Humanity itself was the only flaw in their perfect world.   Yes, the Society of Mechanist considered themselves the inevitable rulers of the universe.  Man in his fumbling, stumbling race for survival could not hope to stand against an order baptized by the merciless creed of logic and infallibility.  To the Meks the faithful gave everything, asked nothing.  But though Operator Four-four had given up his body and his name, within him existed the seed of memory.  And even in the camp of a bitter enemy, Four-four discovered that there were eternal laws than no man-made world could change.  Dwight Swain’s “The Transposed Man” is an excellent science fiction novel that will hurtle your imagination into gripping new dimensions of the future.  The second novel is a real thriller, “Planet of Doomed Men,” by one of the better science fiction writers of mid-20th Century, Robert Moore Williams.  They were whisked away to…who knows where!  It was happening in hospitals all over the city.  People who were on their deathbeds starting rising up and then…disappearing.  No, they didn’t disappear out the revolving doors of the hospital, or into a waiting taxi out on the street, or even into a restroom at the end of the hallway.  They simply and completely vanished…into thin air.  And George Dawson, noted psychic investigator, had had his arms around one of them when it happened!  But was this a supernatural event, or was there some kind of force, far beyond the comprehension of normal men, that had come into play?   For George Dawson the answer to that question soon became apparent.  It was an answer that sent a small group of Earthmen hurtling into a situation far beyond the limits of time and space into a world overridden with a monstrous danger that threatened the very existence of mankind itself… 

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