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Armchair Fiction NEWSHOUND, 2103 A. D. & ZERO, A. D.

Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is a futuristic thriller by Milton Lesser, “Newshound, 2103, A.D.”  Any truly objective person knows that the news media of today is out of control, spinning stories in favor of the various agendas that they advocate.  Yep…it’s true.  But now move ahead into the next century to a time when the news might not be reported anymore, but “predicted”—and the more sensational the prediction, the greater the readership.  But obviously to do well, any good newspaper would want to make their predictions stick…right?  Well that’s the way it was with the members of “The Fourth Estate,” the small group of elite journalists who made the news “happen,” whether by manipulation of facts, bribery, blackmail, or even in some cases—assassination.    But in the year 2103, it occurred to some journalists that there might be a better way.  Unfortunately, thinking like that could land you on the wrong end of a death notice prediction…  The second novel is by Robert Wade, “Zero, A.D.”  When did time begin?  It’s easy to think that time has always been here and will forever be ticking away.  But what if there was an actual origin date for the planet Earth that was far removed from the approximate date (billions of years ago) to which science subscribes?  What if Earth’s start date was actually within the last hundred years or so, and that everything in our history prior to that point in time never really happened; that ancient history is nothing more than a mirage, a collage of historical phantoms?  Sounds incredible doesn’t it?  But if it were actually true, what strange force or forces might lay behind it?  The answers to these questions were carefully outlined in a theory that a New York professor dumped into the Sunday feature section of a large New York newspaper one sunny afternoon.  Only the good professor presented his findings not as theory, but as fact.  It was a story that turned the world upside down.  And soon the professor and his companions set out to prove to all mankind that they were right.

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