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Armchair Fiction MASTERS OF SCIENCE FICTION, Vol. Fourteen: H.G. Wells, The Amazing Stories Collection, Ultimate Illustrated Edition

When Hugo Gernsback founded Amazing Stories in 1926, he firmly believed that the magazine should, at least initially, reprint much of the great science fiction of the past.  This of course included the works of the man considered to be the father of modern science fiction, H. G. Wells.  In the early days of Amazing Stories, Gernsback reprinted all of Wells’ major novels; but in addition to this, Uncle Hugo also reprinted a plethora of Wells’ very best science fiction short stories.  For the first twenty-nine issues, a Wells short story or novel could be found in the pages of Amazing Stories.  So here in this collection, in the exact chronological order in which they appeared, is the complete run of the Amazing Stories-H. G. Wells science fiction short story legacy, all with their wonderful original illustrations—seventeen stories in all, including the novella, “A Story of the Stone Age.”  Most of the illustrations were created by the finest science fiction artist of the era…Frank R. Paul.  We have also thrown in a bonus tale, “In the Avu Observatory,” which, while never having appeared in Amazing Stories, is considered one of Wells’ very best short stories.

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