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Armchair Fiction SECOND DELUGE, THE, Ultimate Illustrated Edition

Armchair fiction presents extra large editions of the best in classic science fiction novels with original illustrations.  Here’s a very special edition of an early science fiction classic, “The Second Deluge, The Ultimate Illustrated Edtion” by Garrett P. Serviss.  What makes this edition so special is that it features original illustrations by four of the top science fiction illustrators of that era:  Frank R. Paul, Leo Morey, Lawrence Stevens (known simply as “Lawrence”), and George Varian.  Also included are a Garrett Serviss author portrait and a cover gallery of previous editions.  It’s the best edition of this classic tale on the market today.  The story itself is about the world on the brink of destruction.  What would civilization do if darkness came over the sky and the waters rose over the land and one man, entrenched in Manhattan, held the key to life and death for every person in the world?  That’s what humanity was faced with.  This is the story of the second deluge—a time when a staggering amount of water covered everything, everywhere. The coming of this catastrophe was first discovered by an eccentric and wealthy scientist named Cosmo Versál.  Peering into his telescope one evening, Versál discovered the horrifying truth:  a strange nebula was moving into our Solar System.  And if Versál’s theories were correct, this nebula was filled with billions of tons of water.  Even worse, the Earth was headed straight toward it.  The only question that remained was how many people might survive…if any!

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