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Armchair Fiction STRANGER SUNS

Armchair fiction presents extra large editions of the best in classic science fiction novels and short stories, complete with original illustrations.  Here’s a terrific tale by one of the best science fiction authors of both today and yesterday, George Zebrowski’s “Stranger Suns.”  Physicist Juan Obrion designed his orbiting tachyon detector to listen for signs of life in other star systems.  And though he doesn’t anticipate the failure his employers expect, the last place he thought to trace a signal was to Earth itself.  Under the frozen ground of Antarctica lies the fantastic starship of a forgotten culture.  Long dormant, it requires only passengers to awaken it…and Obrion’s exploration team triggers the ship’s launch.  Prisoners in the empty craft, the four scientists find themselves reluctant, awestruck travelers through a universe where humankind has never ventured.  And that is only the beginning:  as Obrion and his companions explore the alien ship, they discover portals to an infinite number of variant Earths.  The questions raised by these doorways are as innumerable as the worlds they access…but they only matter if Juan, Lena, Malachi, and Magnus can find their way back home…

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