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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “The Man the Tech-Men Made” by veteran sci-fi writer, Fox B. Holden.  It was the era of forbidden scientific thought—all controlled by the “Intergalactic Technical Alliance.”  This was the governmental body that controlled the civilized worlds of the galaxy.  The ITA made little allowance for freedom of thought, especially in science and technology.  These two fields, it was thought, were what had almost destroyed mankind in the wars of long ago.  So any proposed advancements were routinely stifled by the ITA, whose members weren’t afraid to hand out severe punishment to any citizen who dared to think beyond the limits of “approved” science.  But such a man was Joe Kane, who spurned the shackles of mind control and came up with ideas that were utterly brilliant, yet tantamount to blasphemy.  So there he was, being chased across the Solar System by ITA agents.  But what made things even more complicated for Joe Kane was his spaceboard passenger, Deanne Starne,  niece of the most powerful member of the ITA! The second novel is “A World He Never Made” by Edwin Benson.  Stuart Case was not your average citizen.  His true passion was radio technology, and he knew far more about it than many professionals.  So when Case picked up a bizarre electronic signal from a far-off corner of the Earth, he was naturally very curious.  He had never heard anything like it before—and he was sure no other human had either!  So with only limited funds, he set out to find the source of this mysterious beacon.  But when his travels took him to a remote region in the Andes, he found himself suddenly attacked by aliens, whisked away in an ancient spaceship, and dropped into the arms of an enormous (and quite topless) female humanoid on a planet whose civilization had long since disappeared.  Unfortunately for Stuart Case, he also found himself thrown into the path of an interplanetary invasion, the likes of which could destroy life on countless planets…including Earth!

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