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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, “The Timeless Man” is a forgotten gem by the relatively unknown and highly underrated author, Roger Arcot.  Trouble was brewing on the frontier of space.  The colony was billions of miles away.  So much depended on their regular check-ins, their reports, and their findings, that many alternative systems of communication had been set up.  Yet now there was silence; now it seemed they were completely cut off—with no way for Earth to know what was happening, or had already happened, except to send someone to find out.  In such circumstances, Earth did not waste time; they dispatched a crew to accompany a member of the very exclusive, very small group that ruled Earth—an E-man, a super-brain, a genius, a man outside all law because he was gifted with an intellect so powerful that he was theoretically “untouchable.”  Even he was to find terror and wonder on Eden…The second novel is “Enemy of the Qua” by one of our favorite old-time sci-fi authors, Dwight V. Swain.  His blood ran hot with the desire for freedom.  He wasn’t Dane Stark, Poet, anymore; he hadn’t been for years.  Here, on Mars, in the hellhole of a stockade, he was only one of a vast category, a symbol:  Dane Stark, Enemy of the Qua.  When the Qua ships first appeared from outside the system, no one had known where they came from; and it took them only three battles to break the backbone of the whole Federation.  The Qua ruled their conquered planets with an iron fist and anyone who resisted was cast into prison or eliminated.  So there he was, in a Qua prison waiting for his chance to escape.  However, when that chance finally came, he found that his life outside was more perilous than inside.  Dane Stark had regained his freedom, but he was soon following a path filled with dangerous people and dark intrigue—a path that promised disaster at trail’s end…

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