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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel isReturn of Creegar” by David Wright O’Brien.  Creegar sought vengeance from across the Solar System.  He had been an inmate in a penal planet prison for five agonizing years.  He’d been set up, framed by a high-ranking law enforcement official named Judson Bellham, to whom Creegar (at one time Bellham’s right-hand man) had become an obstacle.  The sticking point had been the love of a beautiful young woman named Sherry Bennet, a love that Bellham desperately wanted, but that Creegar possessed.  So in a carefully executed plot, Bellham had gotten Creegar out of the way, swept away in the cruelest of frame-ups.  But now, five years later, Bellham had agreed to Creegar’s release in exchange for Sherry Bennet’s promise of marriage.  But Creegar was forbidden to return to Earth, under penalty of death.  But death meant nothing to Creegar, who was now driven solely by a desire for revenge.  Unfortunately, he had one of the shrewdest man hunters in the Solar System out to track him down. The second novel is Mark Clifton’s wonderful tale of the future, “Eight Keys to Eden.”  There was trouble brewing on the frontier of Space.  The colony was billions of miles away.  So much depended on their regular check-ins, their reports, and their findings, that many alternative systems of communication had been set up.  Yet now there was silence; now it seemed they were completely cut off—with no way for Earth to know what was happening, or had already happened, except to send someone to find out.  In such circumstances, Earth did not waste time; they dispatched a crew to accompany a member of the very exclusive, very small group that ruled Earth—an E-man, a super-brain, a genius, a man outside all law because he was gifted with an intellect so powerful that he was theoretically “untouchable.”  Even he was to find terror and wonder on Eden…

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