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Armchair Fiction COLOSSUS & ISLE OF DOOM

Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is the first of a three-part series by S. J. Byrne, “Colossus.”  His name was Steve Rockner and he was a 20th Century man who really belonged in the 10th Century.  Adept at combat and handling physical challenges of any kind, Rockner set out to explore the Orient, eventually ending up in the wastelands between Mongolia and China.  But during the many months of Rockner’s hiatus from the real world, a massive world-wide conflict had broken out pitting Russia and her allies against the nations of the west. It was only through a year-old newspaper clipping that this startling news had come to Rockner’s attention.  However, when he fell in with a mysterious copper-haired woman in an isolated Mongolian village, Rockner soon learned of an incredible invasion from interstellar space and found his trail leading to the legendary underground city of Agharti, where a plan was emerging that would eventually change the face of humanity forever…  The second novel is Robert Moore Williams’ “Isle of Doom,” which is a chilling science fiction-horror tale about strange balls of mist that bring death to a small bayou town.  Mark Redding was a seasoned WWII vet who had come home after the war in search of his brother, Jim.  He hadn’t seen Jim since the outbreak of the war and the last word on him was that he had come to the edge of the Everglades as part of a scientific research group studying lost forms of life.  But when Mark arrived in Tom’s Landing and started asking questions, he was greeted with a cold stares and clear animosity.  No one knew anything about his missing brother.  It was clear that the townsfolk knew more than they were willing to tell.  But when a local gator hunter came stumbling through town screaming for his life, all the while being chased by a monstrous ball of floating mist, it was clear that the folks of Tom’s Landing were keeping quiet about a lot more than Mark’s missing brother.  With the help of a beautiful but mysterious young woman, Mark Redding soon found himself deep inside the most hellish swamp on earth—a swamp riddled with unearthly creatures and filled with human treachery…  

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