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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic horror and fantasy double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, Thorp McClusky’s “Loot of the Vampire” is a real chiller from the pages of Weird Tales.  It was a horrible crime.  David Eichelman, jeweler, had been found dead in his office and a $400,000 string of pearls missing. So in stepped Police Commissioner Charles Ethredge and his ace crime fighter, Detective-Lieutenant Peters. It was their job to investigate what looked like, at least superficially, an ordinary case of murder. However, the facts in the case just didn’t seem to add up.  In all this a prime suspect appeared to be emerging, a strange foreign fellow named Count Woerz.  It was up to Ethredge and Peters to determine whether Woerz was innocent or guilty, normal or abnormal, natural or supernatural… Jim Harmon’s “The Man Who Made Maniacs” is the second novel.  He had been killed!  So why was he still alive?  Jace Reid had felt the impact of the bullet.  He had remembered falling face downwards into the dirt.  The next thing he knew he was reading about his own death, while lying on a bed in an institute for the insane.  It had started with a picture of himself making love to a girl, and a threatening phone call—then his own startling death!  The police had the body—there could be no doubt that it was Jace Reid.  But then, who was he?  Carla said he was immortal and of the Un-dead.  A vampire.  And even in his arms she called him the Master.  The Master of what?  And what about those nightmares?  The strangled cat?  The idol?  And most of all—who were the Chosen Ones?  A shocking story of horror and intrigue, set against the background of a depraved cult of sadism.

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