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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The lead-off novel is Charles Eric Maine’s amazing tale, “Wall of Fire.” The world had never seen anything like it.  It was the biggest World’s Fair-style event Earth would ever see:  “The Festival of Earth,” which would encompass an entire island off the coast of Florida, was opening soon.  It was an incredible sight:  a mini-metropolis of futuristic architecture.  The place had an unreal crystalline appearance, and it seemed to spread in cubes and turrets and spires over the island, with color springing from every surface and outline as if viewed through a prism.   The Festival of Earth would feature the spirit of the newly born twenty-first century, crystallized in a form of architecture, which embodied the history and culmination of a thousand years of human achievement.  Here, on American soil, the world would soon see staggering advances in electronics, astronautics, nucleonics, ultrasonics, psychomatics, ballistics, and many other fields—Science triumphant!  There was only one thing wrong with the Festival of Earth…it had been taken over by aliens!  The second novel “Too Many Worlds” is a wonderful sci-fi adventure tale written by Gerald Vance.   They were thrown into another dimension!   Roger and Lydia Sherman had invited their good friend Wayne Kenrick up to their private room.  It seems the Shermans had entertained some hair-brained notion about traveling into a different dimension—into a macrocosm that existed in a plane alongside that of the known universe.  Wayne had accepted their invitation.  But what he hadn’t known when he entered that room, was that he was stepping into the kind of room that went places—to different worlds!  And so there they were, the three of them, suddenly thrust into a world that was overrun with an abundance of ruthless barbarians, strange creatures, raging armies, and merciless tyrants, whose thirst for blood was unparalleled.  The only question was…could they make it back to the Earth they knew?

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