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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  This double features two tales of futuristic military conflict.  The first novel is another Edmond Hamilton classic, “Cities in the Air.” It’s typical of Hamilton’s great work from the 1930s.  War had been declared between the American Federation of cities in the air and the combined European and Asiatic Federations.  It was at a time when all the cities of Earth were suspended in the air on great metal structures like discs, the cities being movable horizontally as well as vertically.  Captain Martin Brant, commander of one of an American air squadron, is called back to New York to join his fleet.  Military headquarters has confirmed the grim news that a two-pronged attack will soon be hitting America—one from Europe and one from Asia.  Captain Brant’s squadron heads out over the Atlantic to repel the European attack, while another American force rushes toward the Pacific to repel the Asiatic onslaught.  Unfortunately for America, her fleet is heavily outnumbered.  The second novel, “The War of the Planets” is authored by one of Edmond Hamilton’s contemporaries, Harl Vincent.  The world had been in a state of peace for over twenty years.  There was no longer a need for armies, navies, or other contingents of national defense.  War was seemingly a thing of the past; mankind had finally tamed its primitive desire to wage war upon itself.  Then they were detected, a great mass of objects out in deep space, hurtling toward Earth.  Mankind was at first puzzled by the mysterious approaching horde.  However, that puzzlement soon turned to panic when it was determined the objects were spaceships from another planet, dozens and dozens of them—all globular in shape, all bearing down on Earth.  The purpose of this approaching armada was anybody’s guess, but it seemed very likely that it was anything but peaceful.  And there stood the Earth and its peoples—totally defenseless…

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