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Juvenile Schlock EDEN CRIED

EDEN CRIED (1967, aka IN THE FALL OF ‘55) Carole Holland, Tom Pace, Victor Izay.  This narrated schlocker appears to have been shot several years earlier, but when released in ’67 it was already dated and unhip.  So it appears they added a narrator to purposely make fun of the movie in a way that would bring in audiences.  What’s even funnier is that the narrator is doing his best Jack Nicholson imitation.  It’s a riot.  So you get to hear him occasionally fill you in on how stupid the movie’s characters are.  We’ve never seen or heard anything quite like it.  This movie has typical teen romance stuff and just about every JD movie plot device you can think of:  drag races, bikini clad girls, fistfights, surfers, making out, R&R dances, faithless girls, parties, pre-marital sex (off screen of course), disapproving parents, etc. 16mm. 

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