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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. The first novel is “The Guilty Bystander” by Mike Brett.  Trouble, like opportunity, only knocks once. So when Sam Dakkers heard a rap on the door of the apartment of the luscious pickup he was with, he scrammed down the fire escape. But a gentleman is always a gentleman, and when he heard gunshots coming from the gal’s place, he ran back up. He was too late to save her, though—and maybe too late to save himself. For within a few hours. Sam learned that a short-tempered killer, Crazy Benny Flumshin, was after him—out for blood. And Sam had no idea in the world why!  A stolen gem, a socialite thief, a silent American Indian, and the whole untrusting New York police force all make even more trouble for poor Sam. But for the reader these madcap elements brew up a storm of raucous action seen all too seldom in mystery novels. It’s zany, hilarious Mike Brett at his suspenseful best!  The second novel is a true classic of nail-biting suspense, by Stephen Marlowe titled “Blood of My Brother”  Good looks, polish, plenty of money, Johnny Baxter had everything in the world—except a friend.  When he turned up dead, the police dismissed the case as a rich boy’s drunken accident. And at Martwell College where he’d been a student, everyone said he was nothing but a spoiled punk who got what was coming to him.  But Dave Baxter was convinced that his brother had been murdered. And he was determined to prove it.  Alone, in a maze of blind alleys, Dave was nearly ready to give up. Then one day he asked just one question too many and found himself looking down the steely barrel of a gun.

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