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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. The first thriller is “Laughter Came Screaming” by Henry Kane.  Meet James Barr…family man, respected and respectable in many ways…spends sedate weekends with his wife…Meet Jimmy Berio…insatiable playboy, with an appetite for provocative dishes (blonde and brunette)—including his own gorgeous step-daughter!  Meet James Barr…Wall Street broker of unblemished reputation…moves quietly in the best circles… Meet Jimmy Berio …calculating hoodlum want by FBI and the underworld alive—for the most shockingly ruthless crime of the decade.  Meet Jimmy Berio—Alias James Barr… Cold blooded murderer!  The second tale is a good one, titled “The Extortioners” by Ovid Demaris.   Hugh DeWitt had worked hard all of his life and made it big.  Now at age fifty-one he found himself filthy-rich, putting on too much weight, and loving life and all the niceties that went with it.  He’d become a big oil tycoon, generous to his family and friends and always willing to help an old pal—but that’s what got him into trouble.  So when he innocently told a former business acquaintance he’d see if he could cut him in for a small slice of a big deal, he soon found himself in the clutches of a mobster who wouldn’t take no for an answer.  And before long, Hugh DeWitt was faced with an endless nightmare of threats and physical violence against himself, his family, and his closest associates.  But things took a decidedly turn for the worse when the threat of murder turned into a reality that even the best cop on the Los Angeles Police Department seemed powerless to stop.

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