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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “The Terrible Puppets” by well-known sci-fi and mystery writer, Paul W. Fairman.  Paul Flemming was the newest owner of the old Lyceum Theater, where both his father and grandfather had been theatrical greats.  Marcy, Paul’s wife, wanted them to set their goals a little higher though, because she had envisioned a certain lifestyle for them both, one filled with fame and success.  It seemed that having the Lyceum did something for Marcy—it could be just the ticket that would get her everything she dreamed of.  And soon she had written not only a successful play, but both her and Paul were performing as actress and actor in the production and garnering immediate accolades from audiences and critics alike. It was like a dream come true.  But what Paul Flemming hadn’t previously known was that his wife had received help.  There was something far more than hard work and luck behind her apparent success—and now his!  It was an actual living force, something physically alive…and very small.  It was also something inherently evil…  The second novel is “The Cosmic Geoids” by heralded sci-fi author, John Taine.  The first Cosmic Geoid was discovered in 1879 by the Lascelles paleontological expedition.  When technicians opened this first geoid, they discovered small thin plates of an odd black metal covered on both sides by minute characters.  But the key to the mystery of the symbols etched so deeply into these strange metal plates was difficult to analyze.  All this caused quite a stir in the scientific community, leaving more questions than answers.  Shoot ahead now three hundred years into the future, and after centuries of searching, forty more of the elusive geoids had been unearthed. Scientists had now deciphered enough of the records to know they contained details of the history and the eventual death of the Eosian universe.  Furthermore, it also contained a message of the utmost importance—a message vital for the survival of the human race!

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