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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel “Dawn to Dusk” penned by Eando Binder, is about a wild experiment in suspended animation.  Professor Anton Reinhardt was well known in scientific circles.  Many considered him the best biologist in the country, if not the entire world.  But he was also known for his radical ideas, too—theories and ideas that made him look a trifle mad at times.  So when Reinhardt invited six of his colleagues to his Boston home, it was no real surprise when they found out that the good professor wanted them to participate in the wildest scientific experiment of all time, a trip into the far future—via suspended animation!  But by agreeing to do so, the six would lose everything:  their careers, their friends, and the security of the modern world that they knew.  Because the professor didn’t want these men for a short jaunt into the near future, nor even a journey of several decades.  Rather, Reinhardt planned to extinguish their lives and then reignite them again…20 thousand years into the future!  The second novel is “The Beast-Men of Ceres”  by sci-fi veteran Aladra Septama.  It started out with one of the most bizarre happenings imaginable.  While riding over the northern central United States in a spiffy aerocar, the wife of famed scientist Calder Sanderson had vanished into thin air.  One moment the couple had been sitting side by side, immersed in pleasant conversation, the next moment she had simply floated up out of the vehicle, as if in the grip of an invisible force, and faded from sight.  And when dozens of other women across the world also disappeared in the same manner, it became quickly apparent that foul play was afoot on an enormous scale.  But who or what could be responsible?  Enter Severus Mansonby, the most respected interplanetary investigator in the Solar System.  Before long it became clear to Mansonby and his colleagues that Earth’s women were not only being kidnapped by alien forces within the asteroid belt, but that the shocking purpose of these abductions was steeped in a twisted plot to interbreed humanity with a lost alien race…  

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