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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel isSeven from the Stars” by groundbreaking author Marion Zimmer Bradley.  The starship Northwind, carrying colonists to an isolated sun in the Spiral Arm, has imploded.  The Master Panel which carries sensitive studs corresponding to the self-destroying implosion units installed, for obvious reasons, in all spacecraft, confirmed today that the implosion device of the Northwind has gone dead. Cause of the disaster is unknown.  The Northwind may have deviated considerably from her computed course, and possibly have strayed into the Closed Planets.  It is surmised that the ship may have been threatened with capture by Rhu’inn-dominated ships, and that the crew may have destroyed the Northwind to prevent passengers from falling into the dread Rhu’inn hands. The escape of any survivors is unlikely. Lifeships are not released prior to implosion unless a planet is detected within lifeship range—the swift death of implosion being more merciful for possible survivors than a lingering death drifting in interstellar space. There are relatively few stars in that section of the Spiral Arm, and of these, only a fraction are possessed of habitable planets.  The probability that the Northwind may have released lifeships in the vicinity of any of these planets is astronomically small.  The crew and passengers of the Northwind must for all practical purposes be considered legally dead.  But there were seven survivors… The second novel is “The Girl Who Read Minds” by prolific author Robert Moore Williams.  Yes…it’s nice to have a girl friend, but is it quite so nice when you discover she’s been endowed with the power to read minds?  That could prove to be rather embarrassing—even dangerous—especially when she exposes the darkest secrets of those around her.  That’s what happened to Ken Hayden and his mentally gifted girlfriend, Nardia Barclay.  What was supposed to be a mind-reading “hoax” at an eccentric millionaire’s late night party, turned out to be a grim demonstration of the uncharted science of mental telepathy.  And soon with thunder crashing and rain deluging the countryside all around them, Nardia Barclay’s amazing powers turned a lavish estate filled with the rich and famous into a dark mansion of horror, brimming with dread and multiple murders; a situation complicated by the fact that Nardia’s mind had come into direct contact with mind of the killer himself.  

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