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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “The Cructars are Coming” by Paul Lawrence Payne.  Try to imagine a couple of guys out in the hills of Oregon one evening, just doing a bit of star-gazing and UFO watching.  Then it happened—a real alien spacecraft and a real alien abduction.  Neither man could believe what they saw in their binoculars.  One of the men ran; the other remained to see it all—a family, torn from their home and herded into an alien spaceship to be shuttled off to who knows where.  The witness to this atrocity was a young Oregonian named Lincoln Blodgett, and before long he and his girlfriend were running for their lives from an alien hit squad and even from their own countrymen.  Why?  Because Link was the sole witness to what was really going on in the night skies over Earth—and because he was willing to tell a story that didn’t jive with the pre-conceived notions of a Free-Terra movement that was unwittingly leading the human race into an alien charnel house.  The second novel is “Made to Order” written by heralded sci-fi author, Frank Belknap Long.  The Big Brain had said that for the good of society only certain people could marry, while others couldn’t.  The Big Brain was a giant computer that essentially ran what was left of civilization.  For every citizen it made the exact determination of the genes of human inheritance; and by doing so, a human individual’s blindly instinctive urge to marry and have children could at last be controlled.  You see the Big Brain had determined that it was in society’s best interest to maintain at all times a perfect balance of the more desirable genetic types.  Unfortunately for John Tabor, The Brain had determined that he was unfit for wedlock.  But in spite of the Brain and its seemingly total control over mankind, there were still pockets of resistance left in the “Freedom Ruins.”  And soon Tabor found that he had two beautiful options:  Agnes and Claire.  But the difference between these two beauties turned out to be the difference between life…and death.  

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